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Mooring during the winter

Båtar i gästhamnen under vintern
Brygga i gästhamnen med båtar vintertid
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The following applies to those who want´s to moor a boat in Nynäshamn's marina during the winter:

  • All boats and ships shall moor by bow or stern.
  • When mooring with buoy at least two buoys should be used.
  • No vessels heavier than 30 tons are allowed to moor over the winter.
  • We reserve the right to decide which ships we allow to moor in our harbour. We do not allow vessels that need renovation or non-seaworthy vessels.
  • All vessels in our harbour must have functioning machinery and keys shall be sent to the marina staff.
  • The boat owner must have a valid liability insurance for winter mooring.
    A copy of insurance shall be submitted to the marina staff.
  • Quay tariff shall be paid in advance unless other arrangements have been made.
  • The electricity shall be paid in cash monthly in arrears after the meter has been read. Electricity price is SEK 2 per kWh. A connection fee of SEK 200 will be added.

If you wish to avoid the formation of ice you are free to install a bubbler/aerator system. This should be connected to a separate electrical circuit with one of us approved electricity meters.
It is of course alright to share bubbler/aerator system with other vessels but it must be clear who is to bear the electricity consumption. We will not allow electric meters on board, but these must be connected between the power source and the vessel. If you need access to several 230v outlets, one must have multiple meters.
All guests that wish to moor the boat in the guest harbour during the winter must sign a contract which states the obligations and rights you have as a tenant. If you live on board you must prepay for berth and service in cash monthly in advance.

Prices to be moored in the harbour September to May:

  • SEK 500 per month for vessels up to 5 tons
  • SEK 1 000 for ships between 5 to 15 tons
  • SEK 2 000 for ships between 15 to 30 tons

The service fee is SEK 750 per month and adult. Children in company with parents do not have to pay. The service fee includes access to shower and toilet. The sauna is closed during the winter season.


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