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Iron age house at Körunda

The Iron Age House is a copy of a real house from this period, traces of which were found nearby. Come and see how the Vikings lived!

The Iron Age House is a reconstruction based on the remains of a dwelling unearthed by archaeologists at the Muskö crossroads. Building work began in March 1998 and the house was ready by October that year.

The house is on the shores on Lake Muskan, next to Körunda Golf- & Konferens Hotell, and Nynäshamn Golf Club, approx. 5 km north of Ösmo.

The Iron Age House is open to the public on certain days of the year. Please see What's on for information on this.

In mid-August there is an annual Iron Age Fair featuring a market, stalls and the amusements that would have been familiar to people 1000 years ago. There are also Viking crafts, food cooked in the style of the period (often much like today's) and the chance to ride Iceland horses. Music and celebrations.

There will also probably be a fight or "scuffle", just like at a real Viking festival!


Opening hours:
The Iron Age House is open on Saturdays (from the 14th of May - 29th of September 2017), odd weekends, from noon - about 4 pm.
Light snacks, cold and hot beverages is available. Also open during events and by request.

Events 2017:
13th of May Open house
27th of May Tostesta day
10th and 24th of June Open house
8th of July Open house
22nd of July Tostesta day
5th and 19th of August Open house
2nd of September Tostesta day
16th and 30th of September
Open house

How to get here by car:
The Iron Age House is situated approximately 35 minutes from Stockholm and Södertälje. Drive to Ösmo, then follow the small green signs to Körunda Golf and Konferenshotell. Approximately 5 kilometers north of Ösmo.

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