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Rosenlunds forest

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Walk through Rosenlundsskogen (the Rose grove forest) and see the rare lichen Lobaria pulmonaria or why not study the unusual crown-tipped coral fungus up close. Bring some lunch and enjoy the scenery!

The nature reserve Rosenlundsskogen is an almost untouched forest area of about 35 acres, located at Fållnäsviken south of Djursnäs farm.

The forest contains a variety of environments and forest types, alder forest, oak-hazel woodland and rocky areas with pine with hints of old oak ought to be mentioned. The wide variation is causes Rosenlundsskogen to have a rich flora and fauna. The area has species such as beefsteak fungus, spike lichen, schismatomma pericleum, caloplaca lucifuga, plagiothecium latebricola, woolly velvet polypore, fungus, crown-tipped coral fungus, cladonia rangiferina and green shield moss.

The bedrock in Rosenlundsskogen are veined gneiss, which is the predominant rock type in Södertörn. Swales and slopes are covered by moraine, part of which is rich in blocks. In the deeper swales, and on the land surrounding the reserve, the soil consists of varve clay. The reserve has no manicured trails and consequently sturdy shoes are a good tip for those who want to visit Rosenlundsskogen.

Bring food and drink as there are no cafes or such around - just unspoiled nature!

The reserve is managed by County Administrative Board of Stockholm.


Suitable map is the terrain map 595 Nynäshamn, which can be bought at Nynäshamn's Tourist Information.

How to get here by car:
It's easiest to get to Rosenlundsskogen by car. Head for Stora Vika, turn left at Djursnäs and drive through the parkway all the way to the barns at the end of the parkway. Turn right and at the next crossroad take another right turn. The reserve signs are close to the small parking lot.

How to get here by public transport:
Bus 848 from Nynäshamn's station towards Västerhaninge station. Alight at Vineberg. Travel time approximately 13 min. For timetable, see

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