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Rune stone path

There are 27 rune stones in the municipality, making Nynäshamn one of the areas richest in rune stones in Sweden. The rune stones can be dated to the 11th century AD and were often raised near to roads or fords. They are not gravestones, although they were often raised in memory of a relative. During this period the population increased, leading to a shortage of land, so the rune stones can also be seen as a form of boundary demarcation.

There are several rune stones along the old road between Djursnäs and Vansta. There are also a number of grave-fields, as this was a densely populated area in the Iron Ages.

Runstensvägen runs from Klastorp, where there is a rune stone next to a grave-field. Continuing along the road we come to Säby- Stymninge, where there is another rune stone. This one is not in its original position, having been found in a field north of Säby farm. Another two rune stones were found in the field, and we shall return to these later. The rune stone at Säby states that someone "built this bridge". The bridge may refer to the embankment between Västra and Östra Styran.

If we continue northwards, we come to Byggningabacken, where we find one of the rune stones discovered in the same field as the Säby stone. This stone was only moved to the edge of the field, so that it could be kept as close as possible to where it was found. The stone stands on the edge of a grave-field containing a total of 250 Iron Age graves.

The third stone found in the field can be seen in the park at Vansta farm. This is a special stone, known as an "Ingvar stone". The stone was raised to "Toste who was killed in Ingvar's retinue". This refers to the largest-known Viking raid eastwards, namely Ingvar the far-travelled's journey to Särkland in the early 11th century. Särkland is probably what the Vikings called the Abbasid caliphate, whose capital Baghdad was a centre for trade between the Orient and Europe at that time.

The rune rock at Blista is Nynäshamn's most impressive rune monument, comprising three engravings side by side in the same rock. All three were probably made by the rune master Hägvid. The flat land up towards Sorunda church was the heart of Sorunda during the Iron Age, with the villages of Berga, Blista, Lyngsta and Tibble being built during the earlier Iron Age. At the grave-field at Berga there are three easily visible giant burial mounds. At Berga there is also a rune stone saying that "Otrygg fell in Gudve's retinue".

From Berga the road led across Tibble up towards Sorunda church across what is now agricultural land but is still called "Dyarna", the mires. There was probably a planked road here, so that people could keep their shoes dry! The old road then continues up towards Gudby, Billsta and Fullbro, often running parallel to road 225. Between Billsta and Fullbro is an erratic block with a rune engraving. At Fullbro the road passes a grave-field with several giant grave-mounds conveying a sense of grandeur.

The next rune carving is to be found at Frölunda, at the very point where the road turns off to N Stutby. Staying within our municipality, the last point on the road is Stutby, where we find the last of the rune stones. This is a very beautiful rune stone which depicts a four-legged animal as well as the stylised coiled snake. The animal is probably a horse.


How to get here by public transport:
From Nynäshamns station:
Bus 858 towards Grödby, get off at stop Vansta (near Sorunda riding club). The whole road is about 7 km. The road ends at Djursnäs crossroad, take bus 848 towards Nynäshamns station.

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