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Slätmossen - Borgberget

Wander through the twin reserve Slätmossen-Borgberget and explore its two ancient forts and rare plants!

Slätmossen-Borgberget is a twin reserve with 178 acres almost untouched forests and fields! The area is located approximately two kilometers west of Hemfosa, directly east of Lövsjön. Sörmlandsleden runs in a north-south direction east of the reserve, 300-600 meters from the mountain Borgberget's bounds. The trail is accessible from Route 549, which runs between Hemfosa and Österbyvägen. There is even a detour from Sörmlandsleden into the reserve and up to the ancient castle on Borgberget.

Slätmossen-Borgberget has many rare lichens and mosses, and here you can find the red-listed lichen species evernia divaricata. If you are lucky you may see ring worm, grouse or cranes that houses the reserve!

Bring sturdy shoes, a good map, a camera and a picnic basket and explore the reserve that in addition to wonderful nature also boasts two ancient forts! The view from one of the ancient castle on Borgberget's highest point (81 meters above sea level) is breathtaking and offers great photo opportunities. The other ancient castle you will find a solid ground islets in Slätmossen.

Accessibility: Keep in mind that this is a sanctuary without benches, tables, barbecue pits, trash cans and outhouse.


Suitable map is the terrain map 595 Nynäshamn. This map can be bought at Nynäshamn's Tourist Information.

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How to get here by car:
There is a parking space for 2-3 cars adjacent to route 549, north of the reserve. The parking place is not winter maintained. Information about the reserve is available by the border and at the parking place.

How to get here by public transport:
Nearest commuter train station is Hemfosa, 1 km. For timetable, see

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