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On Ålö you can find limestone meadows that are some of the most flower-filled in the archipelago, with explosions of every imaginable colour. The east side of Ålö has lots of lovely little beaches. While you're here, you should definitely go for a swim at Storsand, a beautiful horseshoe-shaped bay.

The sand dunes next to the beach are unusually high for the archipelago. There is agriculture on the island, and the pretty countryside is kept open by grazing horses, sheep and cows. A popular activity among visitors is to ride a bicycle between Ålö and Utö; the islands being linked by a bridge.

There is some old-growth forest left on Ålö. The higher grounds consist of rocky areas, while south of Ålö farm there are flat sections between steep cliffs. The oldest pine trees grow at Kasthålsudd, and are more than 300 years old. At the south side of the mountain, which faces the alder marsh at Tymarsviken, there is a scree with boulders that form small caves.

Tour boat leaves daily (depending on season) from Nynäshamns Fiskehamn (Fish harbour). For more information about trains to Nynäshamn and Waxholmsbolagets time table, please call +46 (0)8-600 10 00 or go to

If you're going to the fishing port by car, take road 73 towards Nynäshamn, and then follow the signs for Fiskehamnen (the fishing port). To reach the parking lot, turn right immediately after the railway. The nearest train station is Nynäshamn.

You can buy tickets on the boat with cash, credit/debit cards or SL Access cards.

Information about parking in Nynäshamns Fish harbour (pdf file)PDF

Information about parking in other parts of Nynäshamn (in Swedish) 


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