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Interested in history and how things work?

Museums are a nice option for all the family when on holiday. Learn more about the area at the old homestead museum or board the train carriages at the railway museum.

  • The railway museum

    There are currently five steam locomotives, six diesel locomotives, with accompanying people and goods carriers. All vehicles have been built since the turn of the century. The listed locomotive stable houses the museum and has been standing since 1900. A year after it was built the railway between Stockholm and Nynäshamn opened.
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  • Sotholms Härads (Nynäshamn's) local museum

    Ludde's cottage, a small timbered cottage with a turf roof, is Nynäshamn's oldest house and located right next to Strandvägen.
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  • Sorunda Folkets Hus

    Sorunda Folkets Hus welcome you to the district's oldest secular culture house, a house dating back to the 1920s and with a whiff of Moa Martinson who was secretary of the first years and Harry Martinson, who led the study for the ABF. 
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  • Ösmo heritage museum

    Ösmo Heritage Museum has his homestead at Nyble Osmo. Cosy and homely with dance floor and lovely meadows beside.
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  • Mopedum - The Swedish nostalgia museum

    Welcome to a museum that is showing much more than the moped history. Here you will find everything from furniture, clothes and stuff from the 50 -, 60 - and 70's. So come and visit us and resurrect your memories!
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  • Kanonen

    Battery Landsort

    Hidden down in the rock, a four-story facility (battery) opens up. It was made for protecting Sweden during the Cold War. Come down and see how the Swedish engineering has created an atomic bomb safe place for a crew of 25 men. So welcome into the past, so secret mountain!
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Tourist Centre

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