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In Nynäshamn town center you will a broad range of shops. In the Fishing Harbour you will find the fishing huts. These red cottages, made of wood, houses small shops and cafeterias. Discover locally handmade items and memorable souvenirs.

Nynäshamn's town center

Along Nynäsvägen, Centralgatan and the surrounding streets you will find shops suitable for every taste! Shoes, clothes, interior decorating items, toys, beauty, healthy food, and the list goes on! Most shops are open during weekdays 10 am-6 pm and Saturdays 10 am-6 pm. Some shops are open on Sundays.
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the fishing huts

In the Fishing Harbour you will find these lovely and picturesque fishing huts. All of the huts are open during the summer and some of them are open all year round. Here you will find cafeterias, ice cream, a bakery, gifts, art, souvenirs, spices, antiques and clothes.

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sjötelegrafen shopping center

At Sjötelegrafen, situated near the harbour and the entrance to the town, you will find shops like ICA Maxi, Dollarstore, Elon and Jysk. Here you will also find service like a hairdresser, pharmacies, Asian cuisine and plenty of parking space.
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Stenstrand keramik


There are several hidden gems around the municipality. We go shopping for plants and furnishing at Ösmo Plantshop, and beautiful ceramic at Stenstrand keramik. Torö Lanthandel och Bageri (general store and bakery) is also well worth a visit!

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Photo: Scandinav Bildbyrå/Sofia Byström

Antiques and second hand

Recycling doesn't have to be boring. Antique shops, second hand boutiques and flea markets have set a more fun association to the word "recycling". In Nynäshamns you will find a lot of treasures. The Visitor Center has the whole list!

» Download a list with antique- and second hand shopsPDF (pdf)

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shopping for Delicacies

Go shopping for delicacies with a taste of Nynäshamn! Nobel chocolate, smoked shrimps, meat, honey and beer!

» Read more about delicacies from Nynäshamn

Souvenirs and maps

At Nynäshamn's Visitor Center you can find hiking-, bike- and road maps over Nynäshamn. We also have some local souvenirs like Landsort's lighthouse made of ceramic, magnets, placemats, postcards, t-shirts and hoodies.

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